The Journal of the Society for Art and Science Vol. 16, No. 5

Date of Issue : 15, December, 2017


pp. 138-153

Motion Interpolation Using Adjectives and Motion Features

This paper was submitted for Special Issues "NICOGRAPH International 2016".

Masaki Oshita, Aoi Honda, Maho Katsurada, Yuya Aosaki

2016/10/31 Submitted
2017/9/19 Re-submitted
2017/10/19 Accepted
PDF Paper (8.44MB)
Content movie file (mp4 file) (43.05MB)

pp. 154-164

IrStage: Automatic Chess Recording System Using Photoreflectors

Daiki Takeshita, Hiroyuki Yamazaki, Keiichi Itoh, Kazuki Kanda, Shugo Hirasawa, Junya Makabe

2017/2/13 Submitted
2017/9/6 Re-submitted
2017/11/16 Accepted
PDF Paper (2.47MB)

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